Center for Clinical Research and Innovation

The Center for Clinical Research and Innovation is a Houston-based clinical research center with an international presence. Our goal is to advance clinical care with our diversity of experience and unique, team-based structure. We work hard to identify the most promising innovations in healthcare, and to provide access to those discoveries to our patients through advanced clinical research. We are motivated to conduct clinical research with integrity. At CCRI, we prioritize honesty in reporting data, and going the extra mile to ensure quality.

CCRI brings cutting edge clinical research and advanced clinical care to the patients who need it most. We strive to provide access to the latest treatment modalities, while ensuring equity for our patients. Research subjects who choose to be involved in clinical research through CCRI can expect to receive cutting edge clinical care backed by our team’s decades of experience in conducting clinical research with safety as a priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to include minorities in clinical research. By including the underserved in clinical research, we believe we can advance the state of medicine for everyone.